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The hallmark of Theôria Research Institute is its ability to provide its clients with coherent support, from determining a company’s overarching vision and strategies to providing concrete initiatives in the areas of IR, PR and corporate communications as well as embodying those initiatives into effective tools.

What sets us apart and sharpens our competitive edge is the thoroughness we put into this support to fully appreciate the individual corporate cultures of each of our clients and enact IR processes in line with their visions. To maximize performance, rather than pursue the expansion of scale for its own sake, we provide high-quality and meticulous services to our clients to support their goal of sustained development.

Investor Relations Program

  • Analysis of existing status and identification of issues
  • Formulation of strategies
  • Setup of IR meetings (both large and small meetings, and individual meetings and company information sessions)
  • Creation of company narratives for IR meetings, PowerPoint materials, anticipated questions, etc.
  • Surveys for identifying shareholders
  • Interview surveys with investors and analysts (Perception Studies)
  • Analysis of shareholder value using the T-Model (Total Return Model)
  • Analysis of share prices using the Ohlson Model (a residual-income stock price valuation model)
  • IR training
  • Effectiveness measurement

Corporate Communications Program

  • Media relations, public-hearing activities, branding, etc.
  • Organization and setup of press conferences
  • Media training and crisis training

Communication Tools and Vending Services

  • Production support tools for disclosure and marketing:
    • Creation of corporate brochures, annual reports, communications with shareholders, investor guides, CSR reports, and news releases
  • Web site planning and production, and English translation of news releases, settlement of accounts, notices to convene meetings, etc.

Management Principles and Vision Development*

  • Management Strategy Design Program*
    • * Programs related to management principles and strategy are provided through cooperation with external experts

Survey and Research Activities

  • Surveys to identify institutional investors to hold shares in your company
  • Surveys on your company’s level of recognition in capital markets
  • Analysis of shareholder value using the T-Model
  • Estimation of theoretical share price using the Ohlson Model
  • IR and corporate governance
  • Measurement of IR effectiveness
  • Measurement of PR effectiveness
  • Other areas

Provision of Data

  • Lists of institutional investors and securities analysts (on a global scale)
  • Number of your company’s shares in investment trusts (on a global scale)
  • Lists of media outlets
  • Other areas
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