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Corporate Philosophy

Theôria Research Institute, Inc. is dedicated to delivering management innovation and to contribute to a better society, based on a deep understanding of investors, individuals, and the concept of corporate social responsibility.


Our mission is to deliver corporate growth and management innovation based on ongoing research in the concept of optimal management and the intrinsic role of equity markets. We are committed to promoting an increased awareness of corporate social responsibility and providing effective, efficient, and high-yield management support programs, focusing on sustainable long-term growth for our customers.

The Name Theôria

The name Theôria is derived from the English “Theory” and is founded in the principle espoused by the Greek philosopher Aristotle.

Aristotle believed that the meaning of life was not confined to the pursuit of wealth, pleasure, and glory. To the contrary, the true meaning of happiness and wellbeing is found in the very search for truth.

The name Theôria embodies our unwavering commitment to seek this truth.

Our corporate colors Green and Red, found in the Company’s logo, also reflect this commitment. Green symbolizes balance and integrity, while Red represents passion and courage. Driven by these innate qualities, we strive for business harmony and balance, provide corporate support with integrity and passion, and possess the courage to provide our clients with principles and guidelines that will deliver them to a prosperous future.

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